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Wexer in a Nutshell

We are a creative design agency. We seek to inspire a culture that promotes authentic brands which people can connect with. 

Located in Nairobi, Kenya, Wexer Brand was founded in 2015. We have worked with corporates, SMEs and NGOs from Kenya and around the world such as Hilton Hotel (Nairobi), Yaya Centre, G4S Kenya, Good News Productions, Kijabe Hospital and Zhiro Premium Wines.

What We Serve

Brand Identity

Your logo design is a worthy investment since it impacts public perception. We carry out client research before design to understand your authentic brand.This influences the brand elements created to capture the hearts of your audience.

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Whether you want to create a lasting impression on your clients online or offline, we offer eye-catching and relatable designs such as flyers, posters, email and web ads, social media collateral and billboard designs.

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Web & Digital

There is need for a seamless experience for your audience across different platforms while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Whether you need an app or a website, we strive to create something that bears the personality of your brand.

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We understand that quality content precedes good design. If you are looking to create engaging content and visually appealing reports, book layouts, magazines, we are able to do both with passion and creative care.

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Why Choose Us?

Understanding before Design

We help our clients solve business challenges through design by taking the time to understand the client as a person and the business goals. This enables us to develop creative design solutions that best display your authentic brand vision to your target audience.

Young & Driven Team

We have a young pool of design professionals who are highly competent and flexible. They are in sync with the trends and will easily understand where the brand is headed.

Candid & Consistent

We are not just in business to make money. Think of that friend whom you trust with your life. They are always there for you, frank with you no matter how hard and interested in seeing you become the best version of yourself. That’s who we aspire to be to you even as your business/career progresses.

We Blog

Finding passion at the work place.

"I don't like the job, it is not what I wanted to do" "I have no passion for this job, I feel trapped." Sounds familiar? There are people whose passion oozes out of everything they do because they love every bit of their job. There are also those who cannot reflect a simple sense of...

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Understanding the different types of designers

Growing up, I believed that any doctor or anyone who had studied medicine could treat any kind of disease, perform surgeries and attend to all the patients with different health problems. That, however, wasn't the case when I fractured my leg at school. My neighbor, whom I expected to treat me because he was a doctor...

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5 Quick Tips For Becoming A Designer

How would you feel if you one day woke up to your dream career? Let's say, you spent all your childhood dreaming about flying a plane, as you grow and the life rush sets in, you still dream of it. Then one day after all the struggle, the failures and the battles you've fought, you finally...

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